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Mack Maine f. Lil Wayne, "Fortune Teller" MP3

The mid '00s was an exciting time for artists on the Young Money roster. Mack Maine, for example, released impressive mixtapes both alongside Curren$y and as a solo artist. At the same period in the middle of the decade, Lil Wayne was just beginning his ascent to hip hop's Mount Olympus in sales and critical regard. "Fortune Teller," the only previously-unreleased track on Mack Maine's just-released compilation of mid-to-late-decade tracks, Don't Let It Go To Waste, is an interesting outing for both artists. Wayne eccentricities are in full bloom, and he gives the song's reggae-lilt a more off-balance, mystical feel. His presence on the hook frames Mack's story of a destitute and desperate man, underlining the uncertainty of the Maine's fate.

Download: Mack Maine f. Lil Wayne, "Fortune Teller"

Mack Maine f. Lil Wayne, "Fortune Teller" MP3