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Video: Flatbush Zombies, "Thug Waffle"

What if, every day, more and more rappers were taking their cues from the first Smif-N-Wessun album, a picture of the Gravediggaz and also hanging out in stairwells and smoking blunts. You actually don't have to imagine that at all, because it is exactly what is happening. And for now, things could be a whole lot worse. Even if you don't feel any sort of attachment to east coast rap's dark, stoned early ’90s, you'll probably find something to love here. Flatbush Zombies’ "Thug Waffle" proves the point that if you've got charisma and you come out of the gate strong, you'll be in a decent place. We're stoked to hear more. (via Complex)

Video: Flatbush Zombies, "Thug Waffle"