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Stream: Gang Colours, "Fancy Restaurant"


The internet! It's a wonderful place where your ideas/songs/drawings/photos/whatever can have a long life, or only exist for like four minutes before getting absorbed into everything else. It's a cutthroat place, so the only real solution is to throw yourself in by the teeth or exist willfully outside of it. Gang Colours is not doing either—or at least it's too early to tell what is going on, but "Fancy Restaurant" gives the impression that it lives far outside the boundless freedom of the internet. Although it sounds very of the moment (hushed vocals over electronics), it also sounds intimate enough that it may as well be an idea that was arrived at instead of made with unlimited information about what came before. This is all conjecture, of course, and that's not really fair to anyone. Are we just projecting? Maybe. But projecting can get you pretty far, and when "Fancy Restaurant" cuts off almost suddenly, but not too suddenly, it feels like there's an interesting world of songs out there just waiting to be heard. Gang Colours' debut album is out January 30th on Brownswood Recordings.

Stream: Gang Colours, "Fancy Restaurant"

Posted: January 09, 2012
Stream: Gang Colours, "Fancy Restaurant"