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Video: Dustin Wong, "Diagonally Talking Echo"

Dustin Wong plays his guitar exceptionally well. It's not that he's the only dude creating hypnotic loops of complex guitar finger work, but he is definitely one of the few that is able to take that style of music and move it from "weird" to "something our parents could probably get into if we explained it to them and then put it in the correct context, and even then it would likely just be empathetic understanding when they saw our excitement." That said, "Diagonally Talking Echo" is maybe not where you'd want to start that DUSTIN WONG FOR PARENTS campaign, because in addition to some of the most hyperactive guitar on his upcoming Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads, it also features yowling vocals and a semi-abstract video full of paint and water. Um, also, can we talk about this for a second:

Dustin Wong's "Say Your Dream, Create a Sound" project:
Tell Dustin about a significant dream by recording a description of the dream to his Soundcloud page. Dustin will create an original piece of music inspired by each dream and incorporating your description, and post a selection of these recordings to his Soundcloud page beginning on Monday, February 20.

Video: Dustin Wong, "Diagonally Talking Echo"