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Wavves, "Hybrid Moments" (Misfits Cover) MP3

Usually when we see that a newer artist has covered an older artist we get all excited and start thinking about how inspired the new artist must have been by this legendary band. So inspired that they took a break from their hectic day to record a cover that was just bursting to get out. So moved that they paused their endless tours to record into a Minidisc from 1999. Often times, that turns out to be just a pipe dream, and the song is part of a compilation that is often entertaining but not essential. Which is not to say that this Wavves cover of The Misfits’ "Hybrid Moments" is essential. It's not. It sounds tossed off and not far from those early, warped Wavves cassettes. But it exists, as far as we know, for no real reason other than that Nathan Williams felt like covering it, and that sort of unabashed love for music is still important and vital.

Download: Wavves, "Hybrid Moments" (Misfits Cover) (via Stereogum)

Wavves, "Hybrid Moments" (Misfits Cover) MP3