Brooklyn Bound: King Krule Live at Converse Rubber Tracks

There’s a great American tradition of New York being a welcoming port and FADER teamed up with Converse’s new Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn to further it. Once a month, we’ll be welcoming touring artists to the neighborhood with a visit to a local Brooklyn institution, as well as making time for an intimate performance. Catch that exclusive show, interview and MP3s right here.

The idea of a 17-year old singing about hitting “rock bottom” is sort of a pompous conceit, but the reality of watching ginger wunderkind King Krule sing “Rock Bottom” for a small group of fans very quickly becomes poetic in a way you might only understand watching Krule belt out the revelations of his adolescence live. In his F76 Gen F profile, Krule née Archy Marshall told Sam Hockley-Smith that, “Every song is like an experience rather than a piece of music. It’s just a story, and those are sound effects that go with the story.” Clearly, Krule can tell a story. But who will play Krule in the inevitable movie version of his own life’s story? Shia Labeouf? Angus T. Jones? Jaden Smith? He’s still got plenty of time to be great. It’s probably best that’s he’s already gotten started. Stay tuned for an interview with King Krule from Williamsburg’s Kinfolk Studios and an exclusive MP3 from his Rubber Tracks performance.

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