The Jacka f. Smigg Dirtee and Lil Rue, “Knock Her Down” MP3


The Jacka’s most recent record, The Verdict, is the second LP of a three-part series that began with the release of The Indictment back in September 2011. “Knock Her Down,” The Verdict’s most unconventional track, comes courtesy producer and longtime Jacka collaborator Jeffro. Jeffro’s airy, guitar-latticed production has a compellingly smooth, expansive texture and multi-part groove that gives the entire song a dreamy quality. The track’s breathy aura seems to have inspired the rappers to get a little more melodic than they might otherwise. It matches the overall feel of The Verdict, where street rap is seen from the inside a comfortable, hotboxed bubble.

Download: The Jacka f. Smigg Dirtee and Lil Rue, “Knock Her Down”

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  1. Thomas says:

    I like this song, but the guy who is singing/rapping before Lil Rue sort of ruins the song, his voice sounds like he wants to touch you inappropriately.