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Stream Gonjasufi's Album MU.ZZ.LE

Sumach Ecks bka Gonjasufi started doing yoga after quitting his job pumping jet fuel into airplanes in San Diego, and his fearless, wildly genre-hopping output is a good case for a regular practice. Produced entirely by Ecks and San Diego's Psychopop, his new mini-album is thick with strings, wooly mosquito buzz and a buried core of comfortably weird singing. Recorded at home, in the low, hot and dry Mojave Desert surrounding Las Vegas (his wife sings on two tracks), the record is a testament to Eck's clear-headed connection to the deep and dark regions of his mind, and the light he's built there. MU.ZZ.LE is out January 24th on Warp. Preorder it on CD or double 10" vinyl now.

Stream: Gonjasufi, MU.ZZ.LE

1. White Picket Fence
2. Feedin’ Birds
3. Nikels and Dimes
4. Rubberband
5. Venom
6. Timeout
7. Skin
8. The Blame
9. Blaksuit
10. Sniffin’

Stream Gonjasufi's Album MU.ZZ.LE