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Wild Nothing, "Nowhere" MP3


When Jack Tatum bka Wild Nothing released Gemini a couple years ago, it felt like it was written and recorded at dusk in the summer only. It was personal and quiet, and, in some ways, barely there. That's the reason we listen to music sometimes: Tatum made his own bedroom pop songs and even though a lot of people were stoked on it, it still sounded like it was meant for one person. Maybe it did well because it was still a blank enough slate to project its naked emotion onto yourself or anyone else in your life. "Nowhere," the first new single, and the first time Tatum has recorded in a legit studio, is kind of a shock. There's harmonica and easily discernible vocals! Andrea Estella from Twin Sister does some singing as well. Tatum might be opening up his world a bit, but that doesn't make this any less intimate. "Nowhere" comes from a new Wild Nothing 7-inch, available for pre-order from Captured Tracks.

Download: Wild Nothing, "Nowhere"

Wild Nothing, "Nowhere" MP3