By The Numbers: Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die


In By The Numbers, FADER looks at a big record release and breaks it down in basic digits and primary colors. This week, we look at Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die, a record that has already generated an enormous amount of discussion and polarizing opinions—you’ve probably already caught some of them, here are some more!

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  1. Asheley says:

    Would you include the numbers in relation to these insane LDR adverts on your site, as well?

  2. ZeusTims says:

    Damn, y”all can’t stand this broad! Understandable, she is totally bastardizing your whole BK-hipster steez all the way to the midwest walmart (haha, if only you went in this hard on soulja boy!)…that LDR ad $$$ must be nice tho. Don’t worry, Avril Lavigne 2.0 don’t have the talent to last long

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  5. comehomenow says:

    @ZeusTims What about Lana Del Rey’s music is at all comparable to Avril Lavigne? LDR: Most over-criticized artist of all time. Exhausting.

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  7. c says:

    the close proximity of the little ~ next to the 0 on “positive opinions about lana del ray’s SNL appearance” makes it look like a sperm

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