Tree, “6 x 6” MP3

January 31, 2012

The blog Drank and Dank, with the graphic design sense of a black-lit college dorm and a uniquely curated selection of hip hop, has become one of the better destinations in a saturated market of online music distributors. The site's upcoming compilation, Dripped Up, drops on February 15th and is set to include "6 x 6," the latest leak from prolific Chicago rapper/producer Tree. The song, with its eccentric production and colorful rapping, includes a statement of purpose from Tree that helps explain his unconventional marketing strategy: I don't dickride / I just do me. From his Papyrus-font dominated cover art to his collaborative work with nationally unknown artists, Tree tends to go against the grain. Download "6 x 6" and check out Tree's recent collaboration with fellow Chicagoan Tone Skeeta, below.

Download: Tree, "6x6" (Prod. by Tree)

Download: Tone Skeeta, "No Problems" (Prod. by Tree) (Via Drank and Dank)

Posted: January 31, 2012
Tree, “6 x 6” MP3