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Video: Noah Wall, "In C(anada)"

This is the second consecutive Noah Wall video—here's the last one—with grainy, appropriated footage stuttering by way faster than eyes/brains can reasonably stand. I go cross-eyed instantly. And that's no knock to director Daniel Brantley, whose work here jitters from all angles, with sped-up film stretching and bumping like its laid on top of one of those aggressive massage chairs. Both "In C(anada)" and that last video, "Blue Station," come from Wall's autumn 2011 album Hèloïse, a personal and probably under-appreciated gem that totally deserves the reappraisal. With these manic videos, now there are two versions of the songs: the provocatively brain-stressing visual think-pieces, and the comparably simple MP3 versions, playing even smoother than ever.

Video: Noah Wall, "In C(anada)"