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Video: Roach Gigz, "Wasabi"

Even before you hear Roach Gigz say, Imma do it for home/ Imma do it for Dre, it's certain “Wasabi” is a tribute to Bay Area legend and “Thizzle Dance” originator Mac Dre. The only clue you really need is Gigz’ thizz face at the top of the first verse. Over the abrupt beat, he counts off nine illegal things he's got stashed in his ’99 Regal and recounts drinking a large amount of sake at the hookah bar. "Wasabi" is the first single off Roach Gigz' upcoming release, Bugged Out and the video was directed by Aris Jerome, who has worked previously with Kreayshawn and Young L.

Video: Roach Gigz, "Wasabi"