Miracle, “Good Love” (Pale Sketcher Remake) MP3


Reading about Pale Sketcher, the electronic project of Justin Broadrick, aka the dude who was in Napalm Death aka the dude who does Jesu, always felt like a serious What The Hell? moment. But whatever, it’s 2012, it would be weird if Broadrick was a staunch supporter of only one genre. This remix of Miracle’s “Good Love” feels like he finally got where he wanted to go with the Pale Sketcher project. To be honest, you could switch out the instrumental for a crushing squall of guitar and it would basically be a Jesu track, and that isn’t a bad thing. Instead, though, we get this chilly electronic track that very, very clearly showcases Broadrick’s intense need to play with moody, downcast textures in his music.

Download: Miracle, “Good Love” (Pale Sketcher Remake)

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  1. Sean says:

    Uhh…ever hear of GODFLESH?