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Videos: HOV, "Just Another Video About Sunset" and "COCO"

HOV is an audiovisual collaboration between Polish artists Piotr Matkowski and Jaga Slowinska, a pair with uncanny eyes for poetic YouTube ephemera and Tumblr-stuff. "Just Another Video About Sunset," the above video, is a trailer for a 40-minute piece exhibited in Wroclaw, but just that minute-long, collaged snippet carries an emotional punch that pretty much decimates the recent trend of feel-good "Life in a Day" collaborations. Roofs blow off houses, girls perform solo webcam shows, Pharrell does something and you're left totally shaken up and anxious, mind boggled at the lonely—I have to say it—humanity of it all. "COCO" is below, seemingly a standalone music video blending makeup tutorials, horses and Miss Universe competitions. The effect is the same and the wet, reverberating electronic music is just as spare and expressive. HOV's website says this: "FORTHCOMING: I'M SITTING IN THE ROOM, LIGHT IS CHANGING, STUDIO BWA 23.03.2012," which presumably, hopefully means some kind of release is on the way. We'll be waiting, trying not to get too sad.

Videos: HOV, "Just Another Video About Sunset" and "COCO"