Why It Would Be A Bummer If Lana Del Rey Quit Making Music

February 06, 2012

Today, FACT magazine posted a quote from an interview Lana Del Rey did with Vogue UK saying:

“I don’t think I’ll write another record”, claims Del Rey. “What would I say? I feel like everything I wanted to say, I’ve said already.”

The recently Essential-ed singer also revealed that, like Adele, the majority of Born to Die’s songs were inspired by a specific break-up. “Even though I can’t be with that person any more, I still want to honour those memories. I felt like falling in love changed me, neurologically, and the record is about being faithful in my mind to the memory of a particular person.”

When pressed on the issue of who the mystery man was, Del Rey simply stated that “I’m in contact with his mother. He’s somewhere else but he’s, um, around.”

This is super crazy for multiple reasons. The main one being that the bad boy that Del Rey spent over half her album singing about is supposedly real and not a mishmash of a bunch of different dangerous dude signifiers or a cartoon version of Dark Fonzie that she met in her wild days. This is also super crazy because Del Rey, at 25, is claiming that she's done. I can't tell if this is because she genuinely believes she has nothing more to say, has been completely scared off by people's reactions to her, or is going to use this quote to create an aura of mystique around her for like five years before releasing a long-rumored second album. Ultimately though, the idea that any single artist has nothing more to say at any age, let alone 25, is a huge let down. Like, really? That's it? That's all you've got? The peak of your understanding of life and emotions already happened and you already conveyed that to the listening public in the best way possible? Your broken heart is whole now? You know what love isn't? Born to Die is not a perfect album. That would be weird. What it is, is a decent debut with some rough missteps. To not try again would mean that getting it wrong the first time is the ultimate death knell, instead of just a stumbling block right out of the gate. Lana Del Rey, don't give up, you only just got an SNL parody.

Why It Would Be A Bummer If Lana Del Rey Quit Making Music