Video: Niki and the Dove, "The Fox"

Have you guys seen that Cabin Porn Tumblr that is basically just pictures of tiny cabins in the middle of huge sweeping vistas? They're all gorgeous, and the prevailing attitude behind them is basically: YEAH CHECK OUT THIS CABIN IT'S ALRIGHT BUT THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH BETTER IT IS SURROUNDED BY THESE MOUNTAINS/LAKES/TALL GRASS. Looking at the images in rapid succession, it's easy to think that what we all want is to just ditch the laptops and go live in a one-room cabin in the middle of nowhere. This is sort of true. I would do that for some weeks. Maybe even some months. But if we're being realistic here (we are always being realistic), after a while it would kind of suck to not be near stores, friends, the internet, phone service or a hospital. These pictures are exhilarating because they show a gorgeous alternative to modern life. Living in a tiny cabin in the middle of nowhere is certainly within most people's grasp, but I'd be surprised to find a lot of people that actually go ahead and do it. I think, on some level, it's why this Niki and the Dove video for "The Fox" works so well. The song is at once ramshackle and huge, the audio equivalent of taking a long, sweaty hike through a lot of switchbacks, looking up and seeing a swath of mountains with the sun glinting off them. And the video, although entirely computer animated, also feels pretty connected to nature—or at the very least, this general idea of Majestic Nature that we're only able to interact with from our computer chairs. Niki and the Dove are going on tour to a bunch of buildings that are likely at least somewhat close to a few mountains. Maybe it's the same for you, or maybe it isn't.

Niki and the Dove Tour Dates:
Mar 8 U Street Music Hall Washington, DC
Mar 10 Knitting Factory Brooklyn, NY
Mar 19 Solar Culture Tucson, AZ
Mar 20 Soda Bar San Diego, CA
Mar 21 Bootleg Theater Los Angeles, CA

Video: Niki and the Dove, "The Fox"