The Return of Earl Sweatshirt

Is Earl Sweatshirt back? The internet is certainly telling us that he is. Last night, a Twitter account, Tumblr (with nothing on it) and an endearing YouTube promo video featuring Earl all surfaced. In the video a (supposedly) new song, “Home” is teased. Earl closes the brief clip with “If you don’t want the whole thing…then it’s not that big of a deal,” which is actually awesome and hilarious, given the ridiculously speedy rise of Odd Future in the past year or so. Get “Home” right here.

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  1. Marcus says:

    great, more shitty rappers.

  2. rahngs says:

    @Marcus… yu crazy. his flow is insane!

  3. Ross says:

    Let’s hope this boy will continue to make waves

  4. alex says:

    awful. only reason this guys even on the map is because his previously shitty song had an amazing music video.

  5. roga says:

    stop hatin’, earl’s got mad skillz for a yung brother with a whiteboy flow; and the jazzy track fits it perfectly; he’d be better than tyler by now if he wasn’t sent away to begin with…

  6. chad says:

    Hahaha . @alex You couldn’t be further from the truth his lyrics are dripping with metaphors and linguistics. Why dont you go listen to some young money and leave the real hiphop to the adults. He reminds of a young MF Doom, I personally can’t wait to hear his future projects and watch him take his already amazing talent and watch it evolve. Ain’t no body fucking with the early bird.

  7. WNRDKND says:

    @chad “a young MF Doom.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. Kid’s sounding good, and he doesn’t sound like anything else out there. Almost evolved compared to other emcees, in a certain sense. Like, fuck, this rap was seamless…

  8. Cam says:

    @chad @WNRDKND A young MF Doom is literally Zev Love X and Earl sounds nothing like Zev Love X. I’m confused.

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