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Video: Action Bronson f. Riff Raff, "Bird on a Wire"

Action Bronson and Riff Raff have dropped a music video for a brand-new song featuring production by Harry Fraud, who did the beat for French Montana's "Shot Caller" and is basically the go-to guy these days when you're looking for lush and dramatic stuff to rap over. There's a lot to like about both "Bird on a Wire" and its accompanying video. Action's rapping about doing karate in the ocean like some sort of stoned Zen master from the '80s, and Riff Raff, who we're still convinced is pulling some high-concept Dadaist prank that even he doesn't understand, delivers a surprisingly coherent verse. Cameos include Dirt Nasty and Dante Ross, which in all likelihood marks the first and only time those two dudes have ever been within a thirty-foot radius of each other. Be sure to stick around after Riff Raff finishes rapping, so you can watch Bronson spin around in a circle and Riff Raff casually brush his hair.

Video: Action Bronson f. Riff Raff, "Bird on a Wire"