Brooklyn Bound: Kurt Vile Interview at Record Grouch

There’s a great American tradition of New York being a welcoming port and FADER teamed up with Converse’s new Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn to further it. Once a month, we’ll be welcoming touring artists to the neighborhood with a visit to a local Brooklyn institution, as well as making time for an intimate performance. Catch that exclusive show, interview and MP3s right here.

Doug Pressman, the owner of the soon-to-be relocated Record Grouch record store is hilarious. Asking him about collecting records or turning a personal collection into a viable business or even the state of the recording industry itself sets him off on these insightful bits, the kind that probably go underappreciated by the shop’s customer-base and seem better suited for a stage of some sort (a Coachella sidestage, perhaps?). Pressman was nice enough to show us and Kurt Vile around Record Grouch one mild February afternoon. For all his presence though, Pressman let Vile be Vile, the precocious singer enjoying the basement store’s treasures so much that he couldn’t sit still for more than a couple of seconds before something old and/or shiny caught his eye and he was off to explore its packaging. Vile did talk about his own record buying habits before succumbing to a few of the stores gems, borrowing some cash from a friend to do so. Stay tuned for an exclusive MP3 download from his Converse Rubber Tracks performance in the coming days.

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