Video: La Big Vic, “Everybody Needs Jah (FAO Dub)”

La Big Vic’s lead guitarist and supposed former J-Pop boy band star, Toshio Masuda, has reworked the band’s 2011 debut, Actually, creating a new, even more spaced-out work entitled Dub the World! Actually Revisited. “FAO” was already unhurried, with dreamy horns and guitar solos floating through the track like wayward moths. The “Everybody Needs Jah” dub is basically that vibe times ten, except maybe now the bugs fly into an opium den. All this reverb and delay suits Emilie Friedlander’s voice well, spinning it hypnotically from earbud to earbud. The track is accompanied by an awesomely scribbling, curiously screwed-up video by Body God. Dub the World! Actually Revisited comes out February 21st, and it’s available for preorder from Underwater Peoples.

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