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Naughty f. Ty Money, “Child of the Night” MP3

February 16, 2012

Stop Sign Gang is a crew from Harvey, Illinois. Their most recent release is a solo tape from Naughty of the duo Naughty N Kane. One of the tape's best tracks is its closer, a feature for rapper Ty Money (pictured above). Ty released a few strong songs last year before being put behind bars—Twitter suggests he'll be free in July. "Child of the Night" might talk about some of fairly typical street rap subject matter, but its dark six-minutes are sustained by Ty's attempt to grapple with those issues in a nuanced manner.

Download: Naughty f. Ty Money, "Child of the Night"

Posted: February 16, 2012
Naughty f. Ty Money, “Child of the Night” MP3