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Boldy James, “Consignment” MP3

February 17, 2012

Detroit rapper Boldy James released one of 2011's most slept on records. It may have been covered well-traveled subject matter for hip hop, but it did so from a fresh perspective. "When I'm in the booth, it's like relief. It's like my therapy," James said in a recent interview. That's detectable in his music, which is completely unpretentious but artful. James has a subtle grasp for language that conveys a realistic picture of a world that's so often described in exaggerated terms.

"Consignment," the title track from James' second LP, is no exception. Producer Black Noise's beat recalls a forgotten blaxploitation-era opening credits anthem. He repurposes the immediacy of one-dimensional pulp cinema for his sobering reality rap, breathing new life into the day-to-day grind without reducing it into caricature. Consignment: Favor for A Favor (Redi-Rock Mixtape) drops February 27th and includes production from the lineup who worked on his first tape, including Blended Babies, Chuck Inglish and the underrated producer Brains.

Download: Boldy James, "Consignment" (Prod. by Black Noise)

Posted: February 17, 2012
Boldy James, “Consignment” MP3