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Chief Keef, “3Hunna” MP3

February 17, 2012

When listeners on the national stage first discovered Chief Keef through his obsessed fan's unexpected WorldStar appearance, most of the attention was focused on his track "Bang." This was because, thanks in part to DGainz cinematography and a beat from DJ Kenn, "Bang" had become his most-viewed YouTube video. The catch is that Keef isn't a one-hit-wonder by any stretch; in fact, the young fan on WorldStar had actually been rapping lyrics from another track, "Aimed At You."

Keef is apparently no longer on house arrest (punishment for an aggravated unlawful use of weapons charge from early December), but when he was, he was incredibly productive. He might be young and still developing as a rapper, but in the few short months since his release, he's dropped several tracks that exemplify his potential to be a major artist. "I Don't Know Dem," "Winning" with King Louie, and "3hunna"—an incredibly catchy earworm that you can download below—are a strong run of singles, and it's difficult to think of many artists, of any age, who've dropped tracks this replayable back-to-back-to-back in the past two months.

Download: Chief Keef, "3hunna" (Prod. by Young Chop)

Chief Keef, “3Hunna” MP3