On The Street: Chelsea


We snapped this dude partly for his floral scarf (could be by The Hill-Side?), partly for the perfect cut of his suit, but mostly for how well he’s rocking a pair of athletic sneakers as a part of his look. We’ve been inching for months towards staying tech below our cuffs, and this dude shows us how it’s done expertly.

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  1. RDR says:

    get that shit all the way the fuck outta here

  2. Splish says:

    First of all the cut of that suit is far from perfect. Second, this dude is too knock-kneed to pull off this level of flamboyance. Third, the “scarf” looks like an apron from the 50s … IN A BAD WAY. Fourth, this seems more appropriate for a Vice magazine “Don’t” than something here.

  3. Stebs says:

    Haters gon’ hate.