Tashaki Miyaki, “I Wonder If I Care As Much” MP3


Doing covers! Such a risky game. At this point, if you’re going to cover something, you’d better put your signature on it hard, or else people are going to just go on YouTube and listen to the original for awhile, which is great for that original artist, but less great for the band covering that artist. Tashaki Miyaki, who we’ve blogged about before, and who are doing great things with an established fuzzy music formula, took on a pair of Everly Brothers songs for an upcoming 7-inch on Rough Trade called Tashaki Miyaki Sings The Everly Brothers. “I Wonder If I Care As Much” is the b-side, and it’s a gorgeously slow burnout of a track.

Download: Tashaki Miyaki, “I Wonder If I Care As Much”

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