Cassette Playa’s Armageddon Fashion

Plenty of designers have been rummaging Tumblr memes and Hackers to find inspiration for their fall clothes, and there’s been debate about who does it authentically and who is just copying the cool kids. But if anyone can be called an internet fashion original, it might just be Carri Munden of Cassette Playa, who’s been designing clothes that look like Geocities pages for the likes of MIA since at least 2002. Even if people have been jocking her style, she’s holding her ground, and for her new collection, Munden has released a collection and video inspired by one of the cyber world’s favorite topics: 2012′s Mayan apocalypse. Called “Karmegeddon” and set to a creepy but amazing Dipset trance anthem, Munden’s collection has crop-top bustiers, dyed-green hair, cigarettes, joints, lollipops—the whole shebang. (via Vice Style)

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