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Download Flosstradamus’ Total Recall EP

February 23, 2012

Today Flosstradamus released their free Total Recall EP, a hyperactive blend of self-professed "post-apocalyptic" trance and rap production styles in the vein of Araabmuzik’s Electronic Dream and James Ferraro’s Bebetune$. Which is basically a cagey way of writing circles around the vague and curious shadow that blankets each of these artists, the shadow of what is so obviously the most influential beat tape of this decade, Dipset Trance Party. One thing that makes Dipset Trance so interesting is that it was never clear where Araabmuzik's influence on it began and ended—compiled by "Your Boy SK," only three of its 31 tracks were actually attributed to Araab, slipping to only one of 36 on Volume 2. Even if Araabmuzik seems to have gotten credit, perhaps unfairly, the 30-artist tracklist means Dipset Trance is really a collective and decentralized project, which, besides being viscerally captivating music, is a big part of what makes the idea so powerful. An anyone-can-do-it type of thing. Beats for the 99 percent. It's frustrating that the forward-thinking aspects of the project, both sonically and structurally, never seem to receive open acknowledgment. Flosstradamus sound great here, and it's an accessible and well-produced EP, but it feels disingenuous reading the Soundcloud tag "post-apocalyptic trap" when a tried and true name is already out there.

Total Recall is the tenth release from Mad Decent’s free weekly single project, Jeffree's. It's a clever distribution plan—free music every Thursday, compiled for sale in higher bit rate every two months. Stream the whole thing via the link below. Complications aside, it's compelling music.

Download: Flosstradamus' Total Recall EP

Download Flosstradamus’ Total Recall EP