At Home With: Veronica Vasicka

Veronica Vasicka founded the labels Minimal Wave and Cititrax as a way to re-issue—and often release for the first time—the cold and dark brand of homemade, analog synth-based electronic New Wave from the late ’70s and early ’80s that she has championed for nearly a decade on her weekly East Village Radio show. Long-lost European stuff, tiny runs of cassettes relegated to podunk record store dollar bins. Minimal wave as a genre has existed for decades—some might say it even died out for a period—but Vasicka gave it a name and a place to be reborn. With a background in photography, Vasicka designs her labels’ releases herself, adding a personal spin to her curating work. On February 27th, Vasicka’s second Minimal Wave Tapes compilation comes out via Stones Throw. To celebrate, she gave us a tour of her Greenpoint apartment, with its mini-museum of synth equipment—Vasicka records her own music as well, but in the spirit of rarities has no plans to release it—and boxes upon boxes of hard-won finds.

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  1. kp says:

    just awesome!!minimal synth – cold wave – electro pop..
    check this band:In Trance 95

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  3. nick cicero says:

    This is great, those instruments are awesome and I like the booklets. I grew up reading everything I could get my hands on including vinyl, tapes and all the booklets and things that came in between. Cool article