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Naomi Punk, "Voodoo Trust" MP3

Feels like forever ago that everyone was making songs about hanging out on the beach, instead of probably like...yesterday, but it happened, and in some number of years I can't scientifically predict, it'll happen again. That's okay! It's the nature of these things. Good ideas happen and then they reach a saturation point and everyone gets mad about it on the internet. Seattle-based Naomi Punk are not doing the beach thing, but they are taking the whole idea behind that surf rock wipeout noise (you know, the wobbly one that sounds sort of like being dizzy feels?) and crafting a thick track filled with anthemic, muffled vocals. It's an unpretentious track, but it's well constructed. Sitting comfortably with the wealth of Seattle bands that have come before. The Feeling is out April 24th on Couple Skate records.

Download: Naomi Punk, "Voodoo Trust"

Naomi Punk, "Voodoo Trust" MP3