Download Boldy James’ Consignment: Favor for a Favor, The Redi-Rock Mixtape


Last year, Boldy James released a 28-track opus entitled Trappers Alley: Pro’s and Cons, The Quik-crete Mixtape. It’s a dark record, but Boldy, who was 28 at the time of its release, has a writer’s sense for subtlety and managed to locate the humanity in work ethic required for the illegal drug industry. I was able to sit in the studio yesterday while he and producer/engineer Brains were finishing up the mixing on some final tracks on his new Consignment: Favor for a Favor tape. James was hands-on until the end, making decisions through the entire process. “I’m a real intricate type of guy, I’m real detail-[oriented],” he has said. James’ raps have a therapeutic quality, and give the impression that he releases music as much for himself as for any audience. Download the tape and check out the tracklist below.

Download: Boldy James, Consignment: Favor for a Favor, The Redi-Rock Mixtape

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