On The Street: Soho


We spotted this girl lurching on the sidewalk for a cigarette break, and though we’ve seen lots of folks in New York rocking green hair lately, none with a color this textured, highlighted and lush, like the prettiest sea urchin at the bottom of the ocean. Her shredded Rodarte-like shirt and sheen-y red coat make this a knockout. Dressing like you just woke up with a wicked hangover from staying out all night and having too much fun is very often a great look.

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  1. chuck says:

    uniquely illuminescent i’d have to say. gota love asian fashion blogs. she seems to be no stranger to a camera. it would’ve been cool if you guys got a shot of that occult looking ring that looks like it’s gem has seen the best of lapidaries. better subtle i guess.

  2. chuck says:

    the ring matches her hair too. awesoooooooome!