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Video: Girls, "My Ma"

Girls have premiered their video for "My Ma" on Conan O'Brien's website, Team Coco, of all places, in anticipation of their upcoming late night appearance on March 22nd. Directed by Focus Creeps and shot by Grant Singer, "My Ma" stars an aging hippie with golden hair, great ponchos and a beautiful, ranch-style house. The hippe looks startlingly like Christopher Owens own mother might—if that's not actually her in the video, which, given Owens' complicated and chaotic backstory and the song's lyrics (I'm looking for meaning in life, and you my ma), would be a really sweet reunion. On May 22nd, the band will release a limited edition 7-inch of "My Ma" and "Love Life," sold only at the 159 (!) record stores who hosted their Girls Across America in-store tour last fall.

Video: Girls, "My Ma"