Canyons, “When I See You Again” (Duke Dumont Rain on Kilimanjaro Remix) MP3


On last year’s, Kaputt, Destroyer played with a loose yacht rock template and made a pretty deep, touching album that also happened to feature a bunch of saxophone and pillowy beds of keys drifting endlessly. It was a pretty remarkable achievement because it worked on multiple levels. If you felt like just hanging on a sailboat in white pants, staring at a sunset while casually listening to the record without paying much attention, you could. If you wanted to get emotional and really delve in there, that worked too. Yacht rock’s been back in the air for a couple years now, but it kinda felt like Kaputt, blew the door wide open—and so here is a Duke Dumont remix of Canyons’ “When I see You Again,” which, GUESS WHAT, features the finest of all the instruments: the steel drum. Simultaneously overused and under-utilized—a splash of steel drum can make or break a song, and here it feels exactly right. It’s not like this song is going to change your life or anything, but it’ll make you feel rich.

Download: Canyons, “When I See You Again” (Duke Dumont Rain on Kilimanjaro Remix)

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