Video: BIGBANG, “Bad Boy”

Judging by the growing alignment of American big media forces around K-pop—within the last two months, The Wonder Girls starred in a Teen Nick TV-movie, Interscope signees Girls Generation performed on Letterman and Swizz Beatz signed a broad production deal with a South Korean television company—2012 seems predestined to be the year the ever-growing genre breaks into the Western mainstream. BIGBANG have been twice name-checked by Swizz as potential Chris Brown collaborators, and on “Bad Boy,” the newest music video from their Alive mini-album, they make the most compelling case yet for why a rising K-pop profile in America is a well-deserved and wonderful thing.

The song opens with a very Slick Rick-sounding, A-yo, Choice, drop it on me, spoken by the group’s leader, G-Dragon, an androgynous man with a delicate, Skrillex-inspired hairpiece and a patched motorcycle jacket with a teal muppet-fur back. Despite spending 6 years being trained for stardom by his record label before debuting with BIGBANG, G-Dragon was indicted by Seoul police last October for smoking marijuana. Either way, he’s totally seamless here. “Bad Boy” is exquisite, with roots in the airiest of hip-hop/R&B summer crossover. Though it’s sung 90 percent in subtly processed Korean, carefully placed English phrases explain the song succinctly—Sorry, I’m a bad boyyou’re a good girl—and provide crucial hooks for at-home singalong. “Bad Boy” floats the way your hand does riding currents outside the car window, in and out of the sun without seemingly any effort.

But perhaps most importantly—and definitely most surprisingly—the music video for “Bad Boy” was filmed in Williamsburg, down by the Marcy Ave JMZ subway entrance. Half the charm of K-pop is that it’s preciously and unabashedly manufactured, but there’s something seriously compelling and refreshingly unforced about weaving dances around Brooklyn subway steps. In our interview last week, Swizz Beatz said, “It feels like Korea is in your backyard, the way the internet makes things.” It’s already past that point. BIGBANG really is in our backyard. They’re on the ground and they’re walking the turf, and for four breezy minutes they’re absolutely killing it.

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  1. FAAAART says:


  2. FAAAART says:


  3. fart says:

    you keyword-baiting SEO jerking sellouts

  4. modi says:

    uh…k-pop is the shit. remember when YG family ran korea? welp, it’s cool that big bang is under YG. wild. they’re back at it.

  5. awww yeah says:

    FAAAART sounds pressed and obsessed

  6. Manny99Fresh says:

    I wouldn’t necessarily say “NOBODY CARES” me and plenty of other people care. We enjoy the music and the fact that you say it’s “unlistenable” (not a word) is unremarkable in itself. If you don’t like it then just say “I don’t like K-pop” it’s as simple as that.

  7. fart says:

    fuck you too modi

  8. fart says:

    I don’t believe that any of the pro-k-pop commenters actually read Fader, and just scour the web for any mention of k-pop to gush over.

  9. Alice says:

    I love kpop but Big Bang… man they have a good live show & a pretty decent catalog of music but this video is ridiculous (that terrible dougie my god) and makes the song unlistenable to me. Their new EP was mediocre save the 5th track. And their fans might kill you for calling them manufactured. G-Dragon, the dude in the Skrillex-esque quick weave actually has a lot of control over their music and writes most of their shit. The blue haired rapper TOP also writes his own verses now. They’re still fake and categorically wack/not taken seriously by the Korean hip hop community but somehow less so than other major groups. And I can’t deny they have strong crossover appeal even if they can hardly speak English. They’ll be touring the US this year though so that’ll be fun. Thanks for mentioning the Wonder Girls.

    Don’t get mad about kpop rising in the states/West. Either ignore it or find something you like. It’s not that big of a deal. It’s going to happen whether Fader mentions it or not although this obviously helps.

  10. Bloop says:

    Why you trolling? You don’t like them? Then why are you even on this article in the first place? People actually read this stuff you know. That’s why there are people defendng K-Pop like Modi. It’s not that they’re Korean that makes them coverable. It’s the fact that they’re spreading like wildfire in America and that there are a lot of very successful American artists who are thinking about collaborating with Big Bang. Who cares if we can’t understand what they’re saying? Music is universal. When did we need to know the language before we could enjoy it? I enjoy the music for the music. It’s not weird that people in Mexico are listening to American music, why should it be weird that people in America are listening to Korean music? Please read the article before you start posting crap about it.

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  12. Barret Wallace says:

    Basically the fart guy is a racist right?

  13. Fart says:

    My problem is not that they are Korean, but that it is glossy bubble gum pop music. Fader would have never covered Backstreet Boys so why cover this crap?

  14. novenamusa says:

    The Fader cares. :P
    “they’re absolutely killing it”, maaannnnn!

  15. Audrie says:

    ”..G-Dragon was indicted by Seoul police last October for smoking marijuana”

    Just so you know, GD wasn’t indicted for marijuana use.

    The traces of marijuana found in his hair follicle was below the punishable level, and thus he had a suspension of indictment.

  16. mariisvip says:

    does it really matter what language it is?? Music is Music….and that’s it.
    I love BIGBANG…they are truly talented. They do every type of music genre. I find kpop more better than half of the american music I hear in the radio these days anyway

    seriously haters if you got nothing good to say then don’t even read it and post your stupid comments -.-

  17. Teru says:



  18. Chalet says:

    LOL Fart is waaaay tooo pressed. Personally I mess with Big Bang since they came out in ’06. I cant wait for their US Tour this year. I love this song!!! I blast it in my car…its a very laid back tune and google the lyrics (which they write themselves) are on point. I’d love to hear this in English.

    And, YG Entertainment been collaborating’ with US artists since Jinusean “The Reign ” album featured Mobb Deep, Cypress Hill, and Chino XL back in 2001.

    I welcome kpop with open ears…its coming whether you like it or not!!

  19. yeahh says:

    BIG BANG BAD BOY??? ohhh… I love it… is soo cool

  20. jenny says:

    “I don’t believe that any of the pro-k-pop commenters actually read Fader, and just scour the web for any mention of k-pop to gush over.”

    hey, I’m a born-Korean who pays a lot of attention to kpop but it offends me that you assume all k-pop listeners are alike. I actually read Fader (and SPIN, and Pitchfork, and a bunch of quality sources). I’d like it if you stopped the generalization.

    as for the article itself: the point in your last paragraph made me see the music video in a new way. Interesting.

  21. Val says:

    Laurieann Gibson has most recently directed Lady Gaga’s ‘The Monter Ball Tour’ and has been working with Big Bang members to draw the picture of the world tour.

    “LaurieAnn: “BigBang Has No Difference Compared to World Superstars.”:

    “Big Bang has no wall in music to world super stars,” producer Laurieann Gibson says.

    Laurieann Gibson, main director for Big Bang’s world tour, said that the group “has no difference compared to world super stars.”

    “Although there were difficulties in language, but there was no wall in terms of music,” Gibson said. “I’ve worked with many super stars, but I felt no difference. Big Bang has its unique and special charm.”

    “I am touched by how hard they work at young age. They are the best of the best. Because they are so special, I didn’t need to change anything,” she added.

    “Personally, G-Dragon and Top are outstanding on stage. Seung Ri is young but has a strong attraction. Dae Sung is passionate. TaeYang reminded me of Michael Jackson. I was touched by they didn’t get upset even once when they were made to work hard.”

    They are beyong awesome, because of this they work so hard to give us first quality music and performances, They are in other level in so many ways.
    They are ARTISTS.


  22. jenny says:

    I don’t know why my last comment wasn’t published but I’d like to add that the line “A-yo, Choice, drop it on me” most likely refers to Choice37, a songwriter/producer that belongs in the YGE camp.

  23. Trisha says:

    The fact that they’re a “boy band” doesn’t take away from the fact that they make good music. Yes, there are SOME kpop boybands that make bubble gum music that lacks substance. HOWEVER, BIG BANG IS NOT ONE OF THEM. They are extremely creative, talented, and innovative. A lot of “artists” nowadays are not true artists. They’re not good for anything except serving as a marketing ploy. They’re just entertainers and performers. They don’t write their own music, they’re excessively autotuned, etc. But Big Bang writes their own music & is very hands-on with the entire process when creating their songs. Let the haters hate. Big Bang is clearly taking over :)

  24. Val says:

    Laurieann Gibson has most recently directed Lady Gaga’s ‘The Monter Ball Tour’ and has been working with Big Bang members to draw the picture of the world tour.

    “LaurieAnn: “BigBang Has No Difference Compared to World Superstars.”:

    “Big Bang has no wall in music to world super stars,” producer Laurieann Gibson says.

    Laurieann Gibson, main director for Big Bang’s world tour, said that the group “has no difference compared to world super stars.”

    “Although there were difficulties in language, but there was no wall in terms of music,” Gibson said. “I’ve worked with many super stars, but I felt no difference. Big Bang has its unique and special charm.”

    “I am touched by how hard they work at young age. They are the best of the best. Because they are so special, I didn’t need to change anything,” she added.

    “Personally, G-Dragon and Top are outstanding on stage. Seung Ri is young but has a strong attraction. Dae Sung is passionate. TaeYang reminded me of Michael Jackson. I was touched by they didn’t get upset even once when they were made to work hard.”

    They are beyong awesome, because of this they work so hard to give us first quality music and performances, They are in other level in so many ways.
    They are ARTISTS.

  25. fookoo says:

    Lol some people here are wayyyy too pressed. You are in denial and streotyping kpop. Admitting something that is better than the music you used to listen everyday won’t hurt you know. I wonder if big bang is not some kpop artist…then what would these people say about them instead? Just because they don’t sing in your language doesn’t mean they make some bubble gum songs. Big Bang is a very talented artist. They worked hard to achieve what they had so far. It’s time for them to shine and let the world know these talented ambitious korean guys.

  26. choceelaina says:

    Unlistenable and unremarkable? Mannn fart you are so denial

  27. Sarah says:

    I’m not intersting in k-pop But BIGBANG is a whole another story they are great and their music is amazing n you can sing along with them even if you don’t understand the lyrics !
    They are KINGS of k-pop :) I love them ! :P
    Go BIGBANG 

  28. sh says:

    @alice. who gaf what khip-hop artists think about them? they’re not hip-hop and have never claimed to be, unlike some of the newer “hip-hop” idols who should really shut up and let their music do the talking. the article mentions that the song has roots in hip-hop/r&b, which it does, and not that bigbang is hip-hop/r&b.

    bigbang is a kpop idol group and it’s something they’ve repeated over and over, regardless of what some of their misinformed fans think or what the kmedia labels them.

    having said that, i hate the mv. they can and have done so much better. their ep otoh is miles better than their last release and one of the best kpop releases in a while.

    ps and the so-called disdain khip-hop has for most idols (and yg) is so overwrought and far from the truth. the same underground rappers perform every weekend at yg’s clubs and drink with all these evil yg peeps they supposedly hate. and they feature on idol songs and cover their music and smile with them in cfs.

  29. Aki says:

    Whenever it comes to Kpop, there are always people who talk shit on them…dude, if u talk about quality music, i’ve been listening to them for years already but i would say that, asian can make quality music too. To me some of Bigbang songs are high quality…how do you know they were fake? Have u ever listens to them? Have you ever try to get to know them? I believe not! Ur just a fucked arrogant person who underestimated asian that’s all…if Yoshiki x japan is Japan best rock musician to me, Gdragon is the best singer,producer, composer, and leader among idol groups in korea. Hate the PV but gotta love the song

  30. music says:

    oh I know BigBang, they won MTV Ema they beat out Britney Spears hhahhahhaha XD
    I became a fan of them ^^
    Real talent is for example G- DRAGON, who can Rap, dance, sing, Beatbox, Writing, producing, and composing songs.
    TOP powerful rapper, Prize-wining actor, lyrics writer, talented composer…….
    TAEYANG can sing, dance, rap, play the piano, beatbox, write/compose the music.
    i love BIGBANG because produces their own music..=)) and They sing it with style
    I mean, can do alot of thing All BB members have alot of talents, that’s why people call them: ”True artist”

  31. Kelly says:

    @Alice Dok2 and The Quiett went to Big Show 2012. Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae are acquainted with YGE artists. lol even Cho PD! He hardly says anything to diss Big Bang anymore (lol, I think an article a month ago was released with him praising YGE)- and his hip hop idols ‘Block B’ actually have said they like Big Bang. So if people from the k-hip hop community can actually support Big Bang’s music, you can’t really say that Big Bang aren’t being taken seriously. And the Big Bang post ‘Lies’ has moved away from a solid hip hop sound anyway. So imo, whether the k hip hop community acknowledges Big Bang’s ‘hip hop’ness is no longer necessary.

  32. mia says:

    Big bang actually debuted as a “hip hop” group. Its just that over the years they began to mature and experiment with different styles of music from rock, electronica, to trot and what else. Though they still keep that hip hop vibe in most of their songs. If you actually check out their history of songs you can see all the variety of music they produce, Yes they do pop music too, but unlike other groups who stick with sickening bubble gum pop, Big bang actually mixes it up. And if you look at their solo albums you can tell they all have their own different styles. Taeyang (yellow beanie) has a more of a r&b style, GD and TOP are more rap/pop and sometimes hip pop, seungri is definitely pop, and daesung(blond) is more rock and has a huge voice that is good for trot and ballads etc. People claim they aren’t really K pop because they don’t only do pop music, It’s just fustrating to see a group as talented as them to be written off as another manufactured KPOP group because they are part of the “kpop” industry.

  33. Fervour says:

    Dear commenters, I know you love BIG BANG (because I do too). But don’t you think that listening to the opinions of those who DON’T listen to regular K-POP music matter more? Most of your comments belong to a VIP fanbase. As for the haters, please ignore them, and don’t try to defend BIGBANG and K-POP because they won’t listen anyway. Please comment about something related to the article, which goes out to both fans and haters. Thankyou, if you have actually taken time to read my comment. Anyway, what Audrie says is true. GD was released with a suspension of indictment.

    I think that the MV of Bad Boy is quite seamless- the only problem I had with it were the random girls that were supposed to be paired up with each of the boys. I get it that the lyrics were supposed to be an apology to the girls, but couldn’t they have… I don’t know, interacted more? There’s this exact problem in their MV for Blue. There’s no particular story tying them together, is what I’m saying. Hopefully, their MV for Fantastic Baby will be much better in terms of male-female interaction. It is a dance-y song after all.

  34. aKira says:

    Thank you Duncan.
    I loved the song and this music video is also very smooth.

  35. M.K says:


  36. Teemeah says:

    Just to correct a few factual things in the article:
    1. G-Dragon was never indicted, I think he was simply intentionally dragged into the whole marijuana case. I mean, just look at the coincidence: he was given a cigarette in a Japanese club by a stranger and then miraculously right after the police comes knocking for “random” drug checkup :) Yeah right. He was an easy target, being drunk at an afterparty…

    2. Bigbang is not manufactured in the sense Wonder Girls and SNSD & co are. Bigbang pretty much produces their own music, mainly composed by G-dragon. This one song above is also his piece of work, in cooperation with Teddy Park.

    To the commenter claiming Korean hiphop circles don’t take them seriously: jesus, since when is Bigbang a hiphop artist? Plus they work with pretty accomplished hiphop artists like Jinusean, rappers like Perry etc. Man, G-Dragon himself was already rapping in these guys’ videoclips when he was barely grown out of the ground at the age of 13! If it weren’t for taking his talent seriously by hiphop duo Jinusean, the boy would never make it to YG and there would be no Bigbang now.

    GD and TOP are pretty good rappers, they’ve done a lot of rap battles, freestyle rap etc. It’s different than the usualy rap you get from Western countries, for sure, because it’s more melodic than focused on speed or foul language.

    Bigbang is pretty much marketable outside of Asia, because they are unique in their style abut universal in their music. They stand out, they friggin’ shine like a lightbulb above the mud of K-pop flicks. If you question it, just compare their music and videos to those itchy girl groups… It’s MILES apart.

    But you have to consider their works in order, see where they started out and where they are at now, to understand why a LOT of people, like me, think these guys are the next big thing. You have to see the Big Bang Documentary that followed their trainee days, to see these determined and hardworking teenagers (then aged 16-19) become idols in their own rights. You cannot judge them based on one song, or even on one album.

    At the beginning I didn’t like the song I heard first, then I listened to a couple of more from various periods of their career and then it struck me how valuable they are to the music industry. Right, they are not the next Michael Jackson, or Freddy Mercury, but they are pretty close, especially G-Dragon.

  37. Cindy says:

    I like both the song and the video and how they transitioned from one member to the other in the video frame. Even without looking at the video and just by listening to their voices, I can distinguish who’s who. I think that’s what unique with Bigbang. Their voices have different characterics and yet, they all blend well together. The fact that they write and produce their own music proves that they are way past the kpop stereotypes. They value quality and I tell you, their caliber is very high.

  38. Annie says:

    I’m SO glad The fader did a review of this video. This song is one of my favourite from Bigbang, Taeyang (the guy with the yellow beanie) and Gdragon shine in it !

    I’d like to correct, even if they are korean, you just can’t associate them with manufactured kpop artists out there. People tend to have a quick opinion of Bigbang because “they are korean so maybe come from Kpop”. Bigbang are clearly not asian Backstreet boys, their music is very versatile, they are influenced by lots of sound especially hiphop and pop electronic. All members have solo experiences and each of them have different styles of music. G dragon has been praised for his music talent and contributed to ALL songs of their last album which has been praised by critics. Those boys are very talented, all the vocals can very well sing, there’s some very good dancers and they all already produced songs for them or other artists.

    I wish people would just listen first and judge after.

    I bet more then half of the people criticising them, would like their songs if they were not from Korea(/Kpop) and were singing in english. The lyrics translation can easily be found and to be honest, all the lyrics of their songs surpasses lots of english language song BY FAR ! These boys are really talented when it comes to song writing.

  39. Grace says:

    BIGBANG rock it every time- bubble gum pop? are you serious… are you even listening?

    I love this song and i love BIGBANG they are always changing keeping them constantly fresh.

    ok people have their right to their opinions but seriously if you dont like them why waste your time just stop your trolling.

    anyway BIGBANG fans are scary (I know cause I’m one of them) so be careful ^^ can’t wait for BIGBANG’s world tour!

  40. Elly says:

    Sweet article. I can’t say BIGBANG is flawless, but they are the best male KPOP group imho.

    Hey Fart, if you aren’t willing to be open-minded about K-Pop then you can just hide in a cave from now on, cuz this is just the beginning of its globalization.

  41. Teemeah says:

    Hehe Elly I love your comment :)) Indeed, haters, time to go for those caves :))

    Well in reality, i think Kpop has little chances to rule over the American market, and not for the language barrier but because of RACISM. As much as the US markets itself as the blending pot of all races, racism is pretty much an alive issue, and we all know that Asian stars can never be as successful there as at home. You can count the number of truly successful Asians (in US market) on ONE hand (Bruce Lee – and only after his death-, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Lucy Liu, but she doesn’t even count as she is American, anyways). Hollywood studios still pretty much avoid putting Asians in lead roles (think about Jay Chou in the Green Hornet), and if one succeeds to catch such a role (Rain in Ninja Assassin), it’s gonna be an independent film of brave minded outsiders (with regards to the normal Hollywood glitter). Rain would never get paired with say, George Clooney in a worldwide blockbuster, however talented he may be… and that’s just because his eyes are cut in a different shape than Clooney’s.

    Pretty much the same with Asian music acts, there will always be more people in the US opposing the rule of “yellows” than those who don’t care about races and just enjoy the music. Sadly, open minded people who care only about music and not about the race of the artist, are scarce in the Western world.

  42. xbomtori says:

    BIGBANG are not just KPOP idols , but ARTISTS. They WRITE their own LYRICS, they PRODUCE their own MUSIC ever since debuting in 2006.

    GD is their main producer and mastermind, but really the other members help him out during the process. TOP always writes his own RAP verses and Taeyang, Seungri and Daesung usually compose for their SOLO works when their group activities are on a break.

    YG entertainment is musically freedom. BIGBANG also isn’t afraid to mix their style up with every new release and do pop, hiphop, r&b or jazz thing now and then.

    It’s not just ”manufactured”. Sure, practice and effort is half the work, but real talent can’t be just ”made”. You are born with it.

    Can’t wait for their ”ALIVE WORLD TOUR 2012”. It’s gonna be dope. They are finishing promotions up in Korea, then will hold a Japan tour and after that tour further in the rest of the world (Europe, Middle East and the USA).

    ”Woah! Fantastic Baby~”

  43. Aren says:

    I love K-pop just like I love American pop. Apparently there are many of us who enjoy Fader and K-pop, against expectations.

    Still, I don’t understand the coverage. You guys don’t cover any other glossy and “manufactured” pop music here, so this just seems a little opportunistic.

    Also not understanding how this got more trollish in-fighting in the comments section than your last 50 articles combined.

  44. Fart says:

    Thank you Aren. Fader readers usually never comment so obviously something is different here. Fader is just looking for traffic and until they actually put an article about a boy band in the print magazine I won’t believe otherwise.

  45. notadelusionalkpopfan says:

    LMAO~ are fans dumb enough to think GD got the weed from a “Japanese friend” and was “taken advantage of because he was drunk
    You can obviously tell weed don’t smell the same way as cigarette. He decided to smoke it himself, no one forced him.

    and lol saying BB is close to Michael Jackson or Freddy Mercury…idols are still idols. Your oppas aren’t that much of an ARTIST. Kpop is good but honestly the fans hype their groups up too much and act like they’re super talented and is the best in Asia when they can’t compare to the REAL artists in Korea, Japan or China.

  46. Barret Wallace says:

    Fart & Aren – explain to me the difference between The Fader writing about pop idols such as Rihanna, Chris Brown, and other American pop idols and posting about K Pop and J Pop please.

  47. Barret Wallace says:

    HINT: The answer is that you’re both cultural imperialists.

  48. Aren says:

    Stereotype threat, much? I’ve been reading Fader for 9 years and I’ve seen it go through plenty of changes, and there’s no world in which K-Pop reportage is not left field for them. To your question, IIRC there are plenty of times when Fader covers Pop that commenters respond with some version of “why is this on Fader”. Regardless, one look at the homepage of this website will show you the brand that Fader represents, and even American pop is a small aspect of that vision.

    Anyway, I’m now of the mind that this article is being linked on some K-Pop message board. The fact that people are emotionally attached to the “did he have weed on his person or not” arguement when CLEARLY most Fader readers had no idea who Big Bang was until yesterday is curious.


  49. Peter says:

    Keep making more Kpop news!

    Thanks for the article!


  50. Barret Wallace says:

    Aren – it’s cool dude. I know how it goes!

    It’s TOTALLY weird that a magazine like The Fader would write about a music scene that is emerging on a global scale! Bizarre!