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Video: King Louie, "Motion Picture"

King Louie's Dope & Shrimp LP hasn't been delayed that long, but for fans who watched him drop a series of mixtapes in quick succession in late 2010/early 2011, it's been patience-testing. With the release of the "Too Cool" video in January and "Motion Picture" over the weekend, it looks like the project is finally on its way. Louie has a dryly irreverent sense of humor, on display in both his lyrics and his Twitter and Twitvid accounts. This was especially evident when he created The Val Venis, a dance named for former wrestler Sean Morley, which lit up Chicago's hip-hop twitterverse and impressed Morley, who tweeted at the rapper in response. Catch some quick clips of Louie doing The Val Venis in the video for "Motion Picture," above.

Video: King Louie, "Motion Picture"