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Stream Burning Hearts' Album Extinctions

Burning Hearts is a Finnish dream pop four-piece, originally headed by longtime friends Jessika Rapo and Henry Ojala. Their second album, Extinctions, was recorded in the countryside of Ostrobothnia, but, as insanely beautiful as that place is, I can't help but picture the whole record staged under a small, warm waterfall, something South Pacific with magically varying water pressure from song to song. The more ecstatic tracks, like opener "On the Last Day of the Decade" or "Into the Wilderness," get you spinning underwater like a top, arms stretched to the sides, with breaks for Singing in the Rain-style tricks of footwork. Mega-nostalgic, more synth-based songs, like "Trade Winds," take the wide, onlooker's view, calling for a nearby blanket and a difficult book. For the album's closer, "Deep Water," you're folded into a heap at the nadir of it all, untold gallons of water dumping on your head. All of which is to say: Extinctions is arrestingly transporting, a whole world contained. The album's out now via Shelflife.

Stream: Burning Hearts' Extinctions

Stream Burning Hearts' Album Extinctions