Video: Odd Future, “NY (Ned Flander)”

Odd Future’s “NY (Ned Flander)” takes place in the house where their last clip “Rella” began, Hodgy Beats portraying the same middle-aged man he played before turning into a SWAT Team vigilante. It’s as if the cartoonish visions in “Rella” were all made up from Hodgy’s character’s head—the woman who gave him a lap dance is now on television, in a music video which also features OF BFF/The Odd Future Tape Vol. 2 cover model Lucas Vercetti. Rooted in reality, unlike the floss rap-mocking “Bitch Suck Dick” or skater hijinks of “Earl” videos, this may be one of Odd Future’s more unsettling visuals. Still, Tyler, the Creator as a bugged out baby isn’t nearly as dark as him getting intimate with a blow up doll in front of his mom in the “VCR” video. Dude has a lot going on in his mind. The Odd Future Tape Vol. 2 is out March 20th.

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  3. Ross says:

    Hodgy took pills. Thats how the fat woman was there physically in rella. Too much to explain but this Ned Flander dude hates his life

  4. johnwill says:

    Not that good actually, I’ve heard better of them. At least video is ok.

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  6. Brittany says:

    Video is crazy! I definitely like the sound of the track, though. Planning on spinning some OF at my next party; a couple of the new tracks off “The OF Tape, Vol II.” Which is coming next week!!! WOLF GANG!