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Walter Van Beirendonck and Erwin Wurm's Art Film

Walter Van Beirendonck balances the artistic and the fashionable in every collection he designs, but in a new film with sculptor Erwin Wurm, the Antwerp madman is clearly getting some things off of his more museum-minded chest. Wearing oversized puffballs in varying shades of jelly bean, a couple of lads kick around a soccer ball, and, as Van Beirendonck words it, "[transform] specific motions and movements." He continues: "Some people saw a penis, a walking penis, other people said it looked like a walking dog. They can relate these to reality and it makes them giggle." We won't be working a "walking penis" look this spring, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy watching other people do it. (via Dazed Digital)

Walter Van Beirendonck and Erwin Wurm's Art Film