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Lil Durk, “L’s Anthem” MP3

March 14, 2012

Leaked as an 18-second-snippet to YouTube in mid-February, Lil Durk's "L's Anthem" has become one of the year's most anticipated tracks in Chicago's hip-hop scene, and it's finally been released via DJ N Tune. The production, courtesy Paris Beuller of Bandkamp, has an epic feel. While it's constructed in the post-Luger style, with double-time high hats and slow, thundering drums, it has a hazy, floating quality, like a film's climactic scene shot in slow motion.

Download: Lil Durk, "L's Anthem" (Prod. by Paris Beuller) (via Fake Shore Drive)

Stream: Lil Durk, "L's Anthem" (Def Jam Version)

Lil Durk, “L’s Anthem” MP3