Stream: Fanuelle’s Self-Titled Album


The Swedish label Emotion is releasing a remastered version of Matthew Fanuele’s extraordinary, hard-to-find debut album, Fanuelle. His brand of eccentric, DIY pop is totally his own—despite recording his second album under another alias, Nunzio Fattini—sounding both childish and tragically grown-up, caught in time like a Manhattanite, synth-armed Daniel Johnston, unsettlingly beautiful in its sometimes plainness. Fanuelle is full of equally surprising bits of accordion and sampled film dialogue, all marked by the artist’s back-of-the-throat mutter and his full orchestra of Casio keyboards. The songs balance between the heaviest of emotions, feeling at once deeply lonely and like champagne bubbles are dancing, elated, through all your blood. Fanuelle comes out for download March 20th.

Stream: Fanuelle’s Self-Titled Album

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