Katie Got Bandz, “I Need a Hitta” MP3

When it comes to the local hip-hop that resonates in Chicago’s high schools—tracks which then extend in a domino effect to the wider city community—the biggest names to draw attention nationally, from King Louie to Chief Keef, have been men. But there are a number of women who have been making names for themselves on YouTube, including Shady and Sasha Gohard. Another is Katie Got Bandz, whose catchy debut single “I Need a Hitta” is finally available as an MP3.

Download: Katie Got Bandz, “I Need a Hitta”

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  1. JohnnyMajorsJackBottle says:

    This is probably one of the lamest songs I have ever heard, really FADER?

  2. rob says:

    damn fader….yall fuckin up

  3. Ben says:

    I swear to god Drake has to be trolling us with this one.

  4. c. t. says:

    she looks like an alien.

    if she was hot maybe this song would work.

  5. JohnnyMajorsJackBottle says:

    @ :23 sec…. I think I just puked up my lunch meat….

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  7. Chop Skimask says:

    Finally the Mp3!!!!

  8. dinorock says:

    YO why all the hate? gettttt outtaaaa heereee. also re:”alien,” get the outttaa here wit dat silly-ass blog-commentin