Essentials: Spring Stunners

Photographer John Francis Peters
March 20, 2012

Four sunny springtime essentials.

1. Sorel’s Tivoli Rain Boot updates their classic winter boot with a waterproof canvas shell. The perfect burst of color for puddle jumping.

2. May28th’s spring watches proudly boast international airport codes from New York, London and Paris. Rock your home team colors and letters no matter where you’ve landed.

3. Maybe it’s the sporty Blue Mirrored VFX lenses or the custom strap from Miansai, but the special edition sunglasses from Mosely Tribes recall ’80s surf cool like no other.

4. Choctaw Ridge’s stately blue boxers have a regal metallic threading throughout and are handmade in Brooklyn, giving you the finest luxury in which to hold your jewels.

Essentials: Spring Stunners