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Danny Brown, "Grown Up" MP3

photographer Ross Mantle

Part of the appeal of Danny Brown is that you're either going to get a relatively straightforward, expertly constructed rap song, or you're going to get crazily out-there ranting in the form of an expertly constructed rap song. Both options are great, and that Brown is adept at both is no small feat. "Grown Up" sits firmly in the DANNY BROWN DOING REGULAR RAP category, but even when he's rapping about how he started out not great and is now great, there's still some unhinged lunacy lurking under the surface, like at any minute he'll lash out and punch you in the face before somehow convincing you that you deserved it. "Grown Up" is produced by Party Supplies, who is on a tear right now, and is out through Scion/AV today, with a 7-inch available to people that catch Brown on tour.

Danny Brown, "Grown Up" MP3