Contest: Win a Pair of Bodega x Shwood’s Bushmills Sunglasses


We recently wrote about these Bodega x Schwood sunglasses, which are sunglasses that are made of wood, specifically, wood salvaged from old Bushmills barrels, but they do not smell like whiskey. The limited run is all sold out, but we’ve got a pair to give away. Just leave your name, real email address and favorite smell in the comments to win the chance to sniff (and wear!) them yourself.

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  1. Tiara says:

    Whiskey right after it’s been poured over ice.

  2. Amy Nezamzadeh says:

    Jasmin flower

  3. Armando Hurtado says:


  4. Ben Frost says:

    Sawdust….it smells like my dad working on furniture.

  5. Chloe Wong says:

    my favorite smell is clean tshirts rolled in wet grass
    the best!

  6. Keith Cialino says:

    The smell right after a summer rainstorm

  7. Jeff Mann says:

    chocolate vanilla

  8. Michael Coleman says:

    dryer sheets

  9. Konstantin Vilenchitz says:

    I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

  10. Allie Pacelli says:

    basil… and bourbon (not together)

  11. Tiana says:

    I love the smell of stale coffee clinging to high ceilings and open air. It’s faded but still pungent enough to have that mental kick when you inhale.

  12. Tiana says:

    I love the smell of stale coffee clinging to high ceilings and open air. It’s faded but still pungent enough to have that mental kick when you inhale.

  13. Dan says:

    the smell of a soccer field after it’s been mowed but before it’s rained (in the evening)

  14. CAL` says:


  15. bobby says:

    The smell of freshly cut grass and awesome free glasses!

  16. Carlos G says:

    I like the smell of brownies.

  17. Dani says:

    I lovvve the smell of new clothes

  18. Emily says:

    fresh basil

  19. Blake Crawford says:

    The smell of an old vinyl after its sat in an attic for 30 years or so.

  20. Matt Silliman says:

    Coffee made early in the morning, in the woods while camping. For sure.

  21. Kevin Sean O'Neill says:

    Favorite smell….. Glass of Bushmills 21 yr old.

  22. Pam Waters says:

    My homemade ‘Whiskey Bacon Jam’ The smell and taste is to die for ;)

  23. John Waters says:


  24. Jessica Waters says:


  25. Dan Waters says:

    A new baseball glove

  26. Helen Higgins says:

    Thanksgivings Roast Turkey

  27. Helen Higgins says:


  28. Michael Waters says:

    The smell of an old diesel engine

  29. Roger Higgins says:

    Fresh baked Italian bread

  30. Denny Wessels says:

    The smell of “A democratic landslide victory!”

  31. Denny Wessels says:

    Buttered popcorn

  32. Deb Wessels says:

    The Iowa State University Cyclone football locker room after defeating the University of Iowa Hawkeyes!

  33. Pam Waters says:

    Driving in rural Iowa on a warm sunny day. The windows are down, classic rock on the radio and you drive past a field of freshly cut alfalfa hay. It’s such a sweet green grassy scent :)

  34. Keith inchierca says:


  35. Cody McKay says:

    the smell of those Bushmills resting on the bridge of my nose. Beauty sunglasses!
    hopefully be wearing them soon! ahh they’re so nice

  36. Jon B. says:

    The smell of a bold merlot. if not that, the smell of cedar and violet (a la hewood)

  37. Luciano Berenstein de Azevedo says:

    The smell of myself, aged during 35 years old in the arms of women!

  38. Luciano Berenstein says:

    The smell of myself, aged 35 years old in the arms of women.

  39. Carly Griffith says:

    Wetnaps. Or lemon Pledge. Same idea really.

  40. Violetta says:

    Favourite smell to wear: Davidoff Cool Water for Women

  41. Pierce Bradley says:

    Chile on the stove after coming in from a snowy day.

  42. Matt Coon says:

    pie being made on holidays!

  43. Marcus O'Connell says:

    Pine nuts roasting. Or pine sawdust which I recently discovered smells exactly the same. Or the smell of plasticine/play-doh which remind me of growing up

  44. Jonathan Tuano says:

    fresh pair of kicks

  45. tara malchiodi says:

    the smell of no smell at all.
    camping the middle of the isolated Na Pali coast, Kauai, after hiking 11 miles of switchbacks- mile long valleys and cliff faces- you are far removed from society’s perfumes and manufactured scents. you no longer smell human influence, just nature.

  46. says:

    Style is all,

  47. Jared Reed says:

    “Fresh Rain” incense oil by Wild Berry

  48. Cameron Martin says:

    The smell of a fine whisky