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Lil Reese, "Haters" MP3

Lil Reese, whose second verse on Chief Keef’s "I Don't Like" contained the track's most memorable line (Fredo in the cut/ That's a scary sight), has dropped one of his scene's best tracks by taking a left turn. If you thought you knew what Chicago's hip-hop sounded like after hearing a few Keef tracks, think again. Much like the Bay Area in the last half of the '00s, Chicago's producers have thus far managed to avoid getting stuck in a specific stylistic rut. Alongside tracks like Lil Durk's "I Get Paid," Dibent's incredible R. Kelly flip for "Haters" upends expectations.

Download: Lil Reese, "Haters" (via Fake Shore Drive)

Lil Reese, "Haters" MP3