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Stream: Taragana Pyjarama, "Growing Forehead"


My coworker Alex Frank has described Taragana Pyjarama as being a "soundtrack for getting stuck overnight in a planetarium checking out the constellations by yourself." "Growing Forehead," can certainly be described similarly, but it seems less lonely than looking at the stars alone, as though maybe you got some friends together after you left the fake sky and headed out to see the real one. It's probably all keyboards and computers, but there are French horn tones in here, and long before vocalist Kicki Halmos enters, there's a repeated sample of inward breath, like eavesdropping on yoga. Interestingly, Nick Eriksen, who is Taragana, has signed to venerable German electronic music label Kompakt and "Growing Forehead" is the first song from Tipped Bowls, his debut for the label, due out June 18th.

Stream: Taragana Pyjarama, "Growing Forehead"

Posted: April 03, 2012
Stream: Taragana Pyjarama, "Growing Forehead"