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Dive, "How Long Have You Known?" MP3

Dive is a Brooklyn four-piece helmed by Beach Fossils’ on-tour guitar player, Zachary Cole Smith. The band's described by their label, Captured Tracks, as "one part THC and two parts MDMA." Today Pitchfork premiered their latest, along with an interview with Smith; he recounted an acid-tripping bandmate's claim that Nirvana's "Dive" was about them, and said that everybody in the group is a water sign. In these electric-guitar-starved days of early April, waiting for summer to form itself out of new MP3s, "How Long Have You Known?" is the perfect gem to carry in your pocket, ready to roll out again for the sunny times to come. Dive's debut LP, Oshin, comes out June 26th.

Download: Dive, "How Long Have You Known?"

Dive, "How Long Have You Known?" MP3