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Stream: Mount Eerie, "To the Ground"


The world can be a total bummer sometimes, and in those times, the move is almost always to just go listen to Mount Eerie. This isn't a diary entry of a blog post or anything—we're just saying! As Mount Eerie, Phil Elverum makes music that is deeply, simultaneously perplexed and understanding of the world at large. It's about nature as much as it's about how he fits into nature, and, appropriately, everything he makes, even when it's something close to black metal, has that similar earthy quality. Like he's constructing everything from sticks and a pile of stones or something. "To The Ground" comes on the heels of his first single for the upcoming Clear Moon, but it's not on that album. Instead, it comes from a 7-inch on Atelier Ciseaux, which is out April 10th.

Stream: Mount Eerie, "To the Ground"

Posted: April 05, 2012
Stream: Mount Eerie, "To the Ground"