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Stream: Big K.R.I.T., "Sideline"

Last month, Big K.R.I.T. released 4evaNaDay, an impressive, feature-free (but session musicians credited!) mixtape in anticipation of his first full-length. Following the lead of Drake and Freddie Gibbs, who have re-released free mixtapes for purchase with extra tracks, K.R.I.T. has put out the Road Less Traveled Edition, a deluxe release on Amazon and iTunes. "Sideline" is one of the bonus cuts and continues the current of motivational anthems that runs through the tape. Like "Boobie Miles" before it, the track addresses keeping a continued focus despite not being in the starting line-up (see: aforementioned long-awaited debut album). Expect more new stuff from K.R.I.T. soon, as Live from the Underground is slated for release on June 5th from Def Jam.

Stream: Stream: Big K.R.I.T., "Sideline" (via HipHop-n-More)

Stream: Big K.R.I.T., "Sideline"